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Vortex Hydreva 3001 energizer and anti-limescale

Vortex Hydreva 3001 energizer and anti-limescale

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The Vortex Hydreva 3001 module is a revolutionary innovation designed to naturally soften and restructure water, without salt or electricity. Thanks to its advanced water dynamization and magnetization technology, this device offers an ecological and effective solution to improve the quality of water in your home.

Advanced Features of the Vortex Hydreva 3001:

Salt-free softening: Protect your pipes and household appliances by effectively eliminating limescale deposits.

Dynamization and Magnetization Technology: Optimizes the molecular structure of water to improve its properties.

Environmentally friendly: Reduce your ecological footprint by not using any chemicals.

Operation without electricity: Works autonomously, without requiring an external electricity source.

Large Treatment Capacity: Suitable for homes of approximately 150 m² or households of 4 to 6 people.

Simple and Practical Installation: Easily install the Vortex Hydreva 3001 on the general inlet of the home, after the pressure regulator.

2 Year Warranty: Enjoy complete peace of mind with our 2 year warranty.

Made in France: The Vortex Hydreva 3001 is designed and manufactured in France, a guarantee of quality and expertise in water treatment.

With the Vortex Hydreva 3001, opt for an environmentally friendly solution, for softened and restructured water, beneficial for your health and that of your family on a daily basis.

Technical characteristics :

  • Dimensions: 6 cm (height) x 6 cm (width) x 18 cm (length)
  • Inlet and outlet diameter: 3/4 (20/27)
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Composition: 304 stainless steel, ultra-resistant glass, silicone gasket, brass fitting, ceramic magnetic balls and isotropic metal
  • Flow rate: 1200 liters/h
  • Operating temperature: 1°C to 55°C
  • Optimal pressure: 3 bars
  • Maximum pressure: 8 bars

Choose quality with the Vortex Hydreva 3001, for healthy and energized water every day.



“It works very well even on very hard water.”

“Thank you to the Hydreva team seen at the Zen et Bio show for the advice on installing my module. It took me 34 minutes to get my watch in hand!”

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