Hydreva guestbook

Welcome to our Testimonials page! Read the enthusiastic feedback from our customers happy to have chosen Hydreva.

"I bought my device at the Zen salon in Paris. My search was an anti-scalant for my bathroom, and I am totally satisfied."

"Hello, I just want to share my experience. My child had red patches after bathing, but since we installed the module, nothing."

"I am a geobiologist. I tested the Hydreva module in my house. The city water before the device gave a reading of 4000 bovis, after the Hydreva module it comes out at 16,000, which is great. J I did an experiment with Platonic solids and I got up to 25,000. Top."

"I have a bakery and I installed the coil. I notice that my work surfaces are easier to clean and that my yeast grows better."

“Thank you to the Hydreva team seen at the Zen et Bio show for the advice on installing my module. It took me 34 minutes to get my watch in hand!”

"Thank you Nicolas for your response. I tested my water before and after, and yes, the pH is very different. I will do an analysis to see."

“It works very well even on very hard water.”

Shalom Sherman, farmer, San Diego, California:
"FYI...fruit loves Hydreva®. I'm happy to report my best harvests of avocados and oranges. Thanks to Hydreva®, they produced abundant fruit."

Phillip Garfield, organic grower in Portland, OR:
“I have been using Hydreva® for two years.”

Tim Fuchs, Humboldt, CA:
"The results I have achieved with the Hydreva® product have been very impressive. The results speak for themselves. My plants are lush and healthier than I have ever seen them."

Clark Tippin, founder of the Organic Cannabis Growers Society:
"Well. I have to say that Snake Oil's claim for a product we are testing is becoming hearsay. The Hydreva® unit installed in two test gardens is getting good reviews so far. ..I've seen growers spend more on a one-bottle product that lasts one cycle and gives less results."

Bullet, Purchase Date: June 4, 2015, Riverside, California:
"I have been using Hydreva® for 14 weeks now. A crop that I just used in flowering and my current crop, which is now 2 weeks into flowering, have been used since the beginning. At first I expected buds much larger, but the results show slightly larger buds However, I have a much higher bud volume now Ranging from 1 lb per light to 1.5 with partial stroke. Will achieve a minimum of 2 lbs per light I am running SOG, all organic with my own super soil.

Bob Haze, grower, Denver, Colorado:
“To all the skeptics, Hydreva® works, less watering, less maintenance, more harvests.”

Guirellmo Guzman:
"It was amazing to see an increase in growth in all aspects of the plant. Our fruits are larger and juicier. Plants and trees are more resistant to pests and diseases thanks to the Hydreva® water system. J "I was skeptical at first. Now you have a customer for life."

Milton Crawford, farmer, Buffalo, New York:
"The Hydreva® device gives us bigger and better quality buds. After adding the Hydreva® water system, we produced the best buds I have ever seen."

Harold Jackson, farmer, Boulder, Colorado:
"My crops were the best I have ever grown. I was so impressed with the results. I have never found a product like the Hydreva® device."

Robert Gillette, farmer:
"It's a great product. The fact that it's lasted two years and still works like new is amazing. Best investment I've ever made."