Magnetized water

The benefits of Magnetism on your Plumbing

Magnetism transforms calcite (limestone) into aragonite (soft limestone):
Limestone dissolved in water is made up of pyramidal-shaped calcite crystals (very encrusting).
Due to their shape, they can easily cling and then become embedded in the walls of the pipes, which forms a deposit of scale.
The magnetic field will act on the structure of the calcite crystals. The structure will disappear to give way to new crystallization, which will be finer, softer and much smoother, the limestone then becomes aragonite.
Aragonite can no longer adhere to the pipe walls and form deposits. Existing deposits are also dissolved and eliminated over time. So we descaled without using chemicals and in the most natural way possible. When the water heats the suspended particles transform into free, non-encrusting scale.
There is a second effect, a thin film of limestone will remain, which will be very useful because it will fight against corrosion. Corrosion and rust will also be treated as naturally as possible.

Limestone processing

Before Arpès
Photo of limestone crystals before and after passing through a magnetic field

The benefits of Magnetized and Dynamized water on your body

Magnetizing water also allows it to regain its natural characteristics (like spring water), both dynamically and magnetically.
Magnetized and energized water is water subjected to a continuous magnetic field, which gives it particularly hydrating properties. Intercellular exchanges are optimized, transit is improved, the complexion is clearer and the skin is more toned.
Water magnetized and energized to a high PH, which reduces excess acid and facilitates digestion and acts beneficially on stomach functions. Toxic substances such as heavy metals are no longer deposited in the stomach.
Magnetized and energized water has the same properties as spring water, more easily assimilated by the body, it has a diuretic effect by draining the body (helps the body to get rid of its impurities), it ensures better blood oxygenation and promotes skin hydration.