Nicolas G. and Vanessa A., with two decades of expertise in a textile import company, respectively as sales director and IT manager, founded SARL NVMA in August 2018, with a strong desire to contribute to the development of product manufacturing in France while offering economical and ecological products.

“After having long sought to align our professional activity with our personal values, we seized this opportunity with determination,” explains Nicolas G.

“We were inspired by the work of Ralph Suddath, with whom we had the chance to collaborate thanks to our professional networks,” adds Vanessa A.

As the exclusive importer for France of products from the American brand Hydreva, NVMA positions itself on the market with an innovative range based on the patented discoveries of Ralph Suddath, placing water at the heart of its research, as explained the latter: “Water is much more than a simple chemical compound to study, it has a multitude of facets to explore”.

NVMA is aimed both at individuals, via direct sales on its website, during trade fairs and various events, and at professionals such as farmers, plumbers, bakers, also supplying the physical and online stores of wholesalers. and resellers. The company is resolutely committed to promoting products made in France and respectful of the environment, thus embodying its fundamental values.