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1 year filtration kit for F3BD001

1 year filtration kit for F3BD001

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Designed to provide a pure, refreshing water experience all year round, this complete kit is your ultimate partner for optimal health and total well-being.

The essential components of this kit are:

1. Bulk Vegetable Activated Carbon Refills (Ref. RC001):

  • Four bulk vegetable activated carbon refills provide cutting-edge filtration against chlorine, pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals.
  • Replaceable every three months to maintain optimal filtration performance, these refills ensure that every sip of water is free of harmful contaminants, delivering unrivaled purity every time.

2. 1µ Fiber Screen Filters (Ref FS001):

  • Two one-micron fiber screen filters provide additional filtration, removing even the finest particles.
  • Replacing every six months, these filters ensure crystal clear water, giving you complete peace of mind about the quality of your drinking water.

3. Two Foam Discs:

  • The two foam discs are specially designed for the refillable activated carbon container. They ensure the blocking of activated carbon particles, thus guaranteeing effective filtration and reducing any risk of activated carbon leaking into the water.
  • These foam discs help maintain the integrity of the filtration system, ensuring optimal operation and consistent water quality.

With our refill kit, you can be sure that your filtration system always remains at peak performance, preserving the purity of your water and ensuring your well-being all year round. Opt for excellence with our 1 Year Refill Kit for Filtration + Dynamization box 3 Bowls ref F3BD001, and discover the power of uncompromising hydration.

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