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1µ Sediment Filter - for filtration F3BD001

1µ Sediment Filter - for filtration F3BD001

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The 1µ sediment filter offers optimal filtration to ensure superior water quality in your home. Our Sediment filter cartridge is made from 100% spun polypropylene, ensuring purity and chemical compatibility. Resistant to chemical and bacterial attack, it effectively removes sand, dirt, silt, mud, rust and scale particles from your domestic water supply.

Characteristics of the sediment filter:

  • Premium Composition: Designed for optimal filtration, our filter cartridge is made from 100% spunbonded polypropylene.
  • Filtration Efficiency: Featuring a filtration rate of 1 micron, it effectively captures microscopic sized particles, ensuring clean and fresh water.
  • Universal Compatibility: The dimensions of 2.5" Ø × 10" make it compatible with a wide range of under-sink filtration systems.
  • Long Life: With a maximum filtration capacity of 18,000 liters and a lifespan of up to 6 months*, this filter offers reliable and durable filtration.
  • Maximum Strength: Tested for a failure test pressure of up to 125 psi, this sediment filter is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Maintenance and Certifications:

  • Easy Maintenance: Check the filter approximately every 6 months*. If the filter is brownish all the way to the center, it's time to change it.
  • Quality Certifications: Our product is certified in compliance with Italian DM regulations. 174, guaranteeing unrivaled quality and performance.

Opt for our 1µ Sediment Filter and enjoy superior quality water, free of impurities and contaminants. Ensure the health and well-being of your family with reliable and efficient filtration.

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