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Discover our Activated Carbon Refill for Under-Sink Filtration-RC001

Discover our Activated Carbon Refill for Under-Sink Filtration-RC001

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An ecological and effective solution to maintain the quality of your drinking water. Our Eco-Recharge bulk coconut charcoal refill is designed for use with our Under-Sink Dynamization Filtration Station (Ref. F3BD001) , providing advanced purification straight to your tap.

Product Features :

  1. Bulk coconut activated carbon:

    • Our coconut charcoal refill is an eco-friendly and natural option for under-sink water filtration.
    • Made from activated coconut charcoal, this refill provides effective filtration by removing impurities, contaminants and bad tastes from your water.
    • Individually packaged in 250g packets, it is perfectly suited for refilling the reusable ECO-centenary of your under-sink filtration station.

  1. Individual packaging (250g):

    • Each refill packet is individually packaged to ensure the freshness and quality of the coconut activated charcoal.
    • With a capacity suitable for recharging the eco-refill of your filtration system, you can be assured of continuous and effective purification of your drinking water.

Opt for our Charcoal Refill for Under-Sink Filtration and discover superior quality water, free of impurities and contaminants, for healthy and refreshing hydration at all times.

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