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The FACILEAU Hydreva filtration station

The FACILEAU Hydreva filtration station

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The FACILEAU Filtration Station: Your Complete Solution for Pure and Healthy Water

Protect all the water in your home against chemical contaminants and limescale with the FACILEAU filtration station. Thanks to advanced filtration processes such as activated carbon and dynamization by the Vortex Hydreva 3001, you benefit from superior water quality.

Network Water Challenges

The water distributed in our networks can often contain impurities and have an altered taste due to the addition of chlorine. This can lead to scale buildup, damage your appliances, and promote the proliferation of cancer-causing chlorinated byproducts. In addition, network water often lacks vitality and energy.

The FACILEAU Solution: Filtration and Structuring

1. Filtration

  • Sedimentary 20 µm : Removes sand, mud and other particles.
  • Activated Carbon : Captures chemicals such as chlorine, benzenes, heavy metals and pesticides.

2. Structuring

  • Dynamization : Restores the water's softness and vitality thanks to Hydreva technology.

Simplified Installation

Easy to install : Connects directly to the main water supply, without the need for an electrical connection or waste water connection. Installation can be done on the right or left of the device depending on your configuration.

Components of the FACILEAU Station

  1. Bypass valve
  2. Pressure reducer
  3. 10" bowl
  4. 20" bowl
  5. Purge valve / pressure gauge
  6. Water meter
  7. Dynamizer (Vortex Hydreva 3001)
  8. Check valve
  9. 20 µm sediment filter
  10. 5 µm activated carbon filter

Dimensions : H 90 cm x W 50 cm x D 25 cm
Material : ABS plastic
Flow rate : Approximately 40 l/min
Pressure : 3 bars

Maintenance and Ecology

  • Filter change frequency :
    • Sediment filter: Every 6 months depending on water turbidity.
    • Activated carbon cartridge: Every 2 years.
  • Ecological : Reduce the use of plastic bottles and limit pollution. The materials used are easily recyclable.

Economic Benefits

  • Savings : A family can save around €500 per year by avoiding the purchase of bottled water.
  • Comfort and health : Save time and improve your well-being with purer, healthier water.

Well-being and Comfort

With the FACILEAU filtration station, enjoy purified water without chlorine or chemical pollutants. Get soft water, without bad taste or odor, ideal for drinking, cooking, bathing and showering. Your devices are protected against limescale, which reduces their energy consumption and extends their lifespan.

Healthy Water for the Whole Family

  • Eliminates : Chlorine, benzene, heavy metals, pesticides, limescale.
  • Improves : Taste, odor and texture of water.

Production and Local Engagement

  • Assembled in France : With easily recyclable components and consumables, the FACILEAU station is designed to be environmentally friendly.

Opt for the FACILEAU filtration station and transform your daily life with pure, healthy and revitalized water.

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