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2 year filtration kit for FACILEAU

2 year filtration kit for FACILEAU

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Designed to comprehensively meet your water purification needs, this kit offers a complete solution to ensure clean, fresh and safe drinking water for your home.

Kit components:

4 20µ Sediment Filters (Ref. FB001):

    • These filters are specially designed to remove fine particles from water, such as sludge, colorings and other small particles.
    • Made of high quality polypropylene with 20 micron braided wirewound filtration, they provide remarkable filtration efficiency to maintain the clarity and purity of your drinking water.
    • To be replaced every 6 months to 1 year depending on the turbidity of the water, these filters guarantee long-lasting and reliable performance.

1 20' Block Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge (Ref. RC003):

This block activated carbon filter cartridge is an essential element for removing pollutants from water.

  • Made from vegetable activated carbon extruded and compacted down to 5 microns, it offers exceptional capacity to absorb contaminants, including chlorine, benzene, pesticides, heavy metals, and many others.
  • With a lifespan of 200m3, i.e. water consumption over 2 years for a household of 4 people, this cartridge ensures lasting and effective purification of your drinking water.


This kit provides a synergistic combination of sediment filtration and activated carbon purification, ensuring exceptional water quality for your family. With our 2 Year Refill Kit for Home Filtration + Dynamization Station, benefit from total peace of mind in terms of health and well-being, while preserving the natural benefits of your water.

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